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Adjustable Tilting/Swiveling Wall Mount Bracket for LCD LED Plasma (Max 176 lbs, 60 – 100 inch), BLACK,

Product Review (submitted on May 27, 2015):
Great mount. You could hang a volkwagon on the wall. Every kind of screw and bolt you can imnigae included. If you don't know the difference between a lag bolt and a molley bolt, get help. If you buy a wagon, barbecue grill, or bicycle, and can't put it together, you probably shouldn't hang anybody's bracket and put your tv on it. This bracket is wide. You shouldn't have trouble with 24 center studs, even if you have to drill a hole. No drill? This is not for you. Use the lag bolts on studs. You could do chin ups on this. I know they include two molleys. Two molley's are not enough on sheetrock. I know they include concrete plugs, I wouldn't use them, could be too short if you are hanging on fireplace. Use longer concrete anchors, and know what you are doing. This bracket might be too big for a 32 tv, not that you couldn't hang it, but you might be able to see the bracket from the sides. I hung a 50 Pani, and yeah they included the screws that fit the back of the tv, in two lengths too. The pocket depth on the Pani screw holes must be 1 1/2 . I used the long screws. Oh yeah, there are locking screws on the bottom after you hang your tv. A tornado could take the house, but your TV will still be attached to the wall in Kansas. If none of this has scared you. Buy this bracket. It's a steal. Avoid the yo yo that is selling it for $200+.